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Welcome to M&SOM Review!

home_msom_msom_nameplateThis blog is a new initiative to be launched in 2015.  Please stay tuned.

The motivation of this new online initiative is due to the fact that M&SOM Journal articles are written for OM researchers primarily. Consequently, non-OM researchers are often unable to see through the thicket of technical analysis; unable to appreciate the relevance of various M&SOM articles; and unable to apply the research findings of many M&SOM articles that could influence research in other fields or OM practice. To make M&SOM articles more accessible, authors of recently published M&SOM papers will be invited to distill the essence of their respective articles into short articles (say, 1000-1500 words) without any technical jargon or analysis, published here.  The writing style of MSOM-Review articles should be similar to those articles published in Wall Street Journal, the Economist (“Leaders” section), the Guardian Professional (http://www.theguardian.com/guardian-professional), etc. To increase the citation count of M&SOM articles and to promote these authors, each MSOM-Review article should refer to the original M&SOM article.

We hope that MSOM-Review can create a more vibrant OM community that engages academics, practitioners, and graduate students. Through this kind of interaction, our OM research community can learn more about issues arising from practice and the practitioners can benefit from our academic research.

This blog is a new initiative to be launched in 2015.  Please stay tuned.

From M&SOM President

Welcome to M&SOM Society Blog!

MSOM_Logo_large.jpg.pagespeed.ce.pGHcaxSUEVIt is finally here! Going forward, M&SOM blog will the forum for disseminating research, teaching and for general outreach to the society members and beyond. Time will show how the blog evolves, but at the very least we see it serving the following purposes:

1. As a platform for M&SOM Board to update Society members on what is happening in the Society.  While we reach out to the society from time to time through M&SOM mailing list, there is no simple way to access older posts.

2. As a supplement for M&SOM Journal.  We envision that the authors of work that appears in M&SOM would in parallel write a short, accessible article explaining key findings to wider audiences.

3. As a forum for M&SOM Society members to offer their views and takes on the discipline, including discussion of promising research and teaching approaches.  Although we do have OM Forum articles in M&SOM Journal, shorter/simpler articles would be better published as blogs.

Welcome to M&SOM blog and please feel free to offer your views on what would be great to have here!