From M&SOM Journal Editor

Should MSOM Publish Technical Notes?

There is no correct answer: some journals publish technical notes and others don’t.

Based on what I learned from the letter written by Steve Graves (Graves (2009)), he did not think we should publish technical notes.  I agree with his view for two simple reasons.   First, if a short paper contains innovative and relevant OM ideas with rigorous analysis, we should not short change the author by labeling it as a substandard “technical notes.”  For example,  “The Prince” written by Machiavelli is a short book with thought-provoking ideas.  Second, I think the term “technical notes” conveys a wrong message for an OM journal that is committed to publish innovative, relevant, and rigorous OM research articles.

Instead of focusing on the length of a paper, we should perhaps consider “Value per Page” as a criterion.  


Graves, S.C., “A Letter from the Editor,” M&SOM, vol, 11, 1, pp. 1-3, 2009.


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