From M&SOM President

M&SOM Business Meeting at INFORMS Conference

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to everyone who attended M&SOM Business Meeting at INFORMS in San Francisco! The entire conference was a big success.

If you wish to see photos from the business meeting, here they are thanks to Pranab Majumder.  In case you missed the meeting, here are the minutes of the meeting, thanks to Guillaume Roels.  The most important information is winners of our many prizes, congratulations to them all!

2014 MSOM Distinguished Fellows
• Uday Karmarkar (UCLA)
• Robin Roundy (BYU)
• Matt Sobel (Case Western Reserve University)

2014 MSOM Distinguished Service Award
• Jeannette Song (Duke)
MSOM 2014 Best Paper Award
• Philipp Afeche (2013). Incentive-Compatible Revenue Management in Queuing Systems: Optimal Strategic Delay, M&SOM 15(3), 423-443.

MS Journal 2014 Best Paper Award in OM
• Ozalp Ozer, Karen Zheng, and Kay-Yut Chen. 2011. Trust in Forecast Information Sharing, Management Science 57(6).

• Finalists:
o Bray, Mendelson. 2012. Information Transmission and the Bullwhip Effect: An Empirical Investigation Management Science. 58(5).
o Cachon, Swinney. 2011. The Value of Fast Fashion: Quick Response, Enhanced Design, and Strategic Consumer Behavior Management Science. 57(4).
o Swinney. 2011. Selling to Strategic Consumers When Product Value Is Uncertain: The Value of Matching Supply and Demand Management Science. 57(10).

MSOM 2014 Student Paper Competition results
• First Prize: Jónas Oddur Jónasson (LBS), “Improving HIV Early Infant Diagnosis Supply Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa”. Primary Advisor: Jérémie Gallien
• First Prize: Yoni Gur (Stanford University), “Optimization in Online Content Recommendation Services: Beyond Click-Through Rates”. Primary Advisors: Omar Besbes, Assaf Zeevi
• Finalist: Antoine Désir (Columbia University), “Sparse Process Flexibility Designs: Is Long Chain Really Optimal”. Primary Advisor: Vineet Goyal (Columbia)
• Finalist: Karthik Murali (University of Illinois), “Municipal Groundwater Management: Optimal Allocation and Control of a Renewable Resource”. Primary Advisor: Nick Petruzzi
• Finalist: Yaron Shaposhnik (MIT), “Scheduling with Testing”. Primary Advisors: Retsef Levi and Thomas Magnanti
• Finalist:  Linwei Xin (Georgia Tech IsyE), “Optimality Gap of Constant-Order Policies Decays Exponentially in the Lead Time for Lost Sales Models”. Primary Advisor: David Goldberg

2014 MSOM Young Scholar Award
• Winner: Xuanming Su (University of Pennsylvania)

iFORM SIG 2014 Best Paper Award
• Winner: Li, L., Shubik, M., Sobel, M. J. (2013). Control of dividends, capital subscriptions, and physical inventories. Management Science 59(5), 1107-1124.


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